Building my building place

I am currently moving. So I decided to have a proper LEGO® workplace for future constructions. I tortured my mind a lot about how I could combine my building area with my PC workplace. I found a solution, but it is still in progress.

I settled with the idea to have a huge shelve as a room divider in the living room and which should stand directly behind the sofa. That was not only to store all my books, videogames and my bookkeeping, but also to have some kind of useful furniture. I thought it would be really cool to also have a desk attached over the whole length of the shelve and thus having enough space to be able to sit in front of the PC and at the same time to have enough space for a building area. And I wanted to have some versatility. That means, that I wanted to use instructions I have stored on the PC, but stay more in my building area. So at least one of my monitors needs a wall mount that is attached to the shelve.

Well, thinking about this was some time before beginning the move. I had enough time to think about how I wanted to do that. So I started by designing. I looked up some programs with which I could easily design furniture. I stumbled upon “SketchUp” which is really easy to use and which has all the necessary functionality I wanted. At first I did a raw sketch on paper so I knew what I wanted to build, then doing a rough sketch in digital form with SketchUp which only had rough measures.

The next step was to take measures of the room to see how much space I have for building this monster. I measured what would be a good maximum, because I wanted this big. Then I decided what I would like to have as a size for the table plates as well as for the case boards. Following up, I made another digital sketch, this time with concrete measures.

After that, I checked out the local hardware stores to see what materials are available, how much they cost and what sizes are available for the boards and table plates. At first, I was very optimistic. But then I saw the prizes for the table plates. Too expensive. I thought about where I could get plates cheap. At one point I thought about going to IKEA, but the plates they sell are not very good. It came to my mind, that VS (a local company that sells furniture for schools and bureaus) has a factory outlet and also sells boards and plates there. I took a look, noted measures and prices and decided to go for that solution. Now I could create a final sketch with the final measures and create a calculation for the cost.

So now I am currently building a shelve with 4 sections with 2 to 4 boards which goes up to the ceiling on the right and. The table will consist of 3 plates in a L-shape which is 3,20 metres long and 1,60 metres wide. The monitor arm will be placed on the center stand, the LEGO area will be in the corner along the wall and the PC more to the left side where the shelve gets lower. Please take a look and let me know what you think about it.


I have already purchased all the parts. The stands have been cut to measure at the hardware store and I already made the drillholes and colored all the parts of the shelve frame. Next up comes the assembly of the shelve frame, which hopefully goes smooth and then the assembly of course. The next step then is to attach the mount points of the table and finally adding the table plates. And after that, everything will be filled with content. Hopefully, I can be finished in a week or two.

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