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Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar

Before going on with the MOC I am looking most forward to, I decided to build something else. I have acquired quite a list of MOCs and one of the must-build MOCs on that list is Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar. I was looking forward to build it for quite a while now and now the moment is here.

© Lipko

© Lipko / szecs

I’ll be a bit straightforward on this one. On the last Saturday evening, I had all my bags of “sorted” Technic parts assembled around me. Read the rest of this entry


Building my building place

I am currently moving. So I decided to have a proper LEGO® workplace for future constructions. I tortured my mind a lot about how I could combine my building area with my PC workplace. I found a solution, but it is still in progress.

I settled with the idea to have a huge shelve as a room divider in the living room and which should stand directly behind the sofa. That was not only to store all my books, videogames and my bookkeeping, but also to have some kind of useful furniture. Read the rest of this entry

Porsche 997 GT3 from Crowkillers

Paul Boratko alias Crowkillers is already pretty famous in the LEGO community for his ingenious LEGO Technic® cars in the scale of ~1:10. His latest creation is the Porsche 997 GT3. Having his instructions on hand, I decided to fill up my parts collection a bit more and build this great car.

IMAG1108 Read the rest of this entry

How I chose to make a LEGO® Blog

So here is another part of my story.

I came properly back to LEGO® approximately 3 and a half years ago. I had a blog back then already, but this was just for playing around with some web stuff and I posted a lot of different stuff there, like things about video games, mobile phones, general tech stuff, RC cars and of course LEGO. But soon I lost interest. I needed to invest a lot of time, which I back then scarcely had and so I stopped blogging new stuff after a while. Read the rest of this entry

How it all began – and ended.

It all started when I was still a little kid. I was already playing with the LEGO® my brother and sister more or less left for me. At that time (and this dates back more than a quarter century) there were still mostly basic bricks available. But specialized items came more and more. So it was then, when I received my first very own LEGO® set for christmas. It was the set 6023. Well, as I said, this was my first very own set with many more to follow. Read the rest of this entry

My life and LEGO®

Hi and welcome to my blog.

I want to use the opportunity of this first post to describe what I want to show my readers.

This blog shall be all about me and LEGO®. I will write the occassional review for new sets I get and of course about the MOCs I have built and plan to build. Also, I want to write some kind of stories. Stories of what I remember from playing with LEGO® as a kid or what my thoughts are about the design process, how I develop my ideas or just general thoughts about LEGO®.

AND since I am not the only one out there building LEGO®, I will of course showcase creations of other people which are extra-ordinary well made and which impressed me a lot or inspired my own builds.

If you have any questions about me or my creations, ideas for content of this blog or simply want to discuss something about LEGO®, please feel free to contact me.

Have fun on my blog.


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