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8458 and spare parts

This week, I disassembled my 8458 to build Nathanael Kuipers Sportscar alternate model. After having alle the parts separated I cleaned them mostly of the little dust that had assembled.

I build the sportscar of course and found it to be a rather enjoyable build. I’ll do a separate review then. What I didn’t realize before is, that I was missing some parts. I assumed, that most parts that came with 8458 would have been used in the main model and only the usual spare parts would be left. But as I built the Sportscar I realized, that I was obviously missing some gears. That is no real problem, because I just used gears from my collection. I checked all the instructions and found, that the gears I was missing would be used in the B-model (racetruck). So much for that.

On the other hand, I somewhat assume that the seller cheated on me a little. Having had all the single parts before me and building the car, I realized I had 2 bent liftarms in dark bluish gray and the same two liftarms in black. The instructions needed 4 of those in black. I checked the partslist and the model should have had them. Strange. I then inspected the pins and found them to be different. The 2L black pins are not consistently the same. Older pins have a shinier look to them, whereas newer ones are somewhat dull. I guess this wasn’t a display model after all as it was described, but part of a collection as it will now be again. No real problem, but I somehow feel cheated.

Also, I cannot really complain. The model itself was complete except for a 8L gear-rack and simply the extra parts were missing, for which I can’t blame the seller. After all, it was used. And if you consider the age of the set, I am really lucky. The stickers are all still there and in excellent shape. Go buy the Williams F1 racer with good stickers and you’ll see.

The big question is, does anybody else have 8458 with some liftarms being the wrong color? I would guess not, but I’d like to know.


Ready for deployment

I always was a big fan of Mecha. Not only as a Lego building style but in general, be it in Manga/Anime or even as in recent movies like Pacific Rim (which I haven’t seen yet, but has awesome Mecha designs).

Already before I stumbled upon legorobo:waka on Flickr. I even built his AF4 Mech, which is simply stunning.

Here is one of his latest builds. It is a Mech Transporter. I am not sure if this should be something that is able to fly or just hover above the ground, but it is detailed as always. It can transport a squad of five Mechs for deployment on the battlefield.

I really like the design with openable doors and of course the little Mechs that emerge from their transport shell.

For more pictures, please take a look at the Flickr Gallery.

The Tower

I am always impressed with what others are able to build. Not alone because of my envy for the collection, but because of the great imagination and building skills. Flickr user Kris_Kelvin shows some decent skills with his MOC “The Tower”.

The Tower is 1.4 metres tall and no only sports a pretty unique design, but also some pretty impressive techniques.

More pictures are available on Flickr.

It is done!

Finally my building place is finished. Now I just need to move all my tech and Lego stuff in and I am done. I hope to get this all done this weekend. It is really huge and I already love it. And here are some pictures and stats!

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My building place – a update

Before, I have already talked about the design of my new building place. In fact, the design phase lies back more than 2 months already. Also I have been working on this for quite a while with a lot of big breaks due to time restrictions, bad weather or simply not being there to do it.

As I had mentioned, the parts were already finished, so last week I began to assemble this beast. I started to make the vertical frames. These were rather easy. Since I had already prepared the holes in the beginning, I could basically lay them Read the rest of this entry

Newest sets

I have received some new (and old) sets yesterday and today. In general it was a total of two orders, but I received as much as 3 packages, since one set wasn’t available at shop@home.

So yesterday I received this:

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Red Coupé is finished

Last week on thursday and then on the weekend, I had some time to do some building. I continued to build the Red Coupé Supercar created by Lipko. To be honest, I already finished it on sunday evening. But I want to talk about the building process a little bit instead of presenting the final model (I still need to make some adjustments).


I basically had 5 building sessions: Read the rest of this entry

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