Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar

Before going on with the MOC I am looking most forward to, I decided to build something else. I have acquired quite a list of MOCs and one of the must-build MOCs on that list is Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar. I was looking forward to build it for quite a while now and now the moment is here.

© Lipko

© Lipko / szecs

I’ll be a bit straightforward on this one. On the last Saturday evening, I had all my bags of “sorted” Technic parts assembled around me. In front of me, I had my laptop with the manual for this car made by Therion and the parts list from ReBrickable (which isn’t complete). I spent like 3 hours sorting out and counting parts into little containers as an interim storage.


The amount of liftarms is really huge and I can’t wait to go on building. But on Sunday I only had time to build for approximately 2 and a half hours. I came as far as page 50 (of 181) of Therion’s instructions. I am curious if Therion will re-make the instructions again. They are a good help and make it relatively easy to build this model in comparison to working with the .lxf file that Lipko provided, but they are far from being optimal. I struggled with putting together some of the sub-assemblies, but I guess, that once the chassis is finished, it’s gonna be easy. This is how far I got until now:


Basically, I have completed the 4-speed gearbox and the rear axle. Until now, the build was a lot of fun and the instructions make it a little challenging. Also, I found something that could be improved and I will exchange the part before going on with the instruction. Until now, I found the constructions rather inconvenient from what I have built before, but surprisingly sturdy as well.

For more information about this supercar, please visit

the thread on Eurobricks

Lipko’s Brickshelf

Therion’s Brickshelf

Also, this model is on LEGO Cuusoo®. So if you like it, please support it.

Red Coupé on Cuusoo

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