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Something super

I am always looking for great models. And of course I am also looking for things that I can build and put on the shelf to admire it.

And now there is something new for my list. A Shelby Mustang GT500 made by Sheepo. For those who do not know him yet, Sheepo is one of the major Technic builders who aims to bring more realism and authentic mechanisms into Technic MOCs.

The model is remote controlled and has 5 motors. It features:

  • drive
  • steering
  • sequential 5+r gearbox with gear indicator
  • disk-breaks with working breaks pedal

Non-motorized functions are:

  • openable hood, doors and trunk
  • folding front seats
  • back seats
  • a flip stand to raise the rear axle
  • McPherson front axle and 4-links live rear axle
  • Ackermann steering with working steering wheel

Sheepo also made a video to demonstrate functionality.

And the best part is: He will also provide instructions. For the motorized version and a manual version. That means, this is totally going on my build-list. And I was already thinking of making a manual version myself.


The crazy stairs

Some people really have a hand for rebuilding iconic art with bricks. One more is MOCpages user Riccardo Zangelmi. He re-created the famous picture “Relativity” by M.C. Escher. Or as Stewy Griffin named it: “The crazy stairs”.

Relativity – Escher

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