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Fresh from the Nuremberg Toyfair

There seems to be some information around about the autumn Technic sets for a little while. Now, from the Nuremberg Toyfair some video footage occured on YouTube.

42029 – Customized Pickup Truck

It has several functions, like suspension on all wheels and a tipping function for the flatbed (afaik). Also it has a lot of red pieces and panels, which seems to make it at least a good parts pack. It even has the new version of the curved  and flat 3×11 panels in red, which is a new color for these pieces. Perhaps we’ll see a 42009 in red, soon.

42030 – Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

This is the new flahship model. And as the Unimog before, it is licensed.

It is a remote controlled wheel loader. It features several motors, two remotes and receivers and several linear actuators. It also has a brand new bucket, yellow big rims and “green” engine pieces.

Also, there is some video footage of the wheel loader in motion:

I definately need to get the new wheel loader. Lots of PF parts and I can finally go for remote controlled models. I am not yet sure about the pickup, but probably I’ll get this one as well. Also, I am curious if there will show up some other new sets for the upcoming fall.

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