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I am preparing again. This time, I prepare to build Nathanael Kuipers Predator Supercar. It already got so much praise, so I hope the build is as satisfying as I expect. For this, I placed a huge Bricklink order. And after I posted a picture of the box and someone asked about the contents, I thought I’d make a video. Unfortunately, I had some struggles when taking the video, so I had to do 3 takes until it worked. No idea what went wrong. So, the third take worked, but I am not satisfied with the video. I’ll post it anyway. Perhaps it produces some good feedback.

Anyway, I had quite some contents in the package:


Quite some bags, right? Most pieces are really common and often it is nothing new. I needed more tires, so I can have more Supercars built simultaneously. Some liftarms and wheelhubs and springs for the Predator. Here are some highlights:


These are about 1800 round 1×1 plates in transparent light blue. These will accompanie my collection of regular trans-blue plates to become water some time in the future.


Here we have several of the new clutch pieces and gears. Again, some are for the Predator. You can also see the 2L pin with 1L axle in the right bag. I purchased a bulk of these to stock up substantially on these.


These are the new 2L axle with 1L pin. I didn’t have these before and since I need some of these, I purchased some more.


Here we have a bunch of panels. Mostly white, but also some in blue, orange and black. You can also see some hard springs. Again, there are never enough of those somehow.


This is something special. This plate belongs to set 348 – Garage from 1971. This set actually belongs to my brother and is in my “old” Lego brick collection that is still at my parents. In the holes the springloaded doors will be mounted, which are held by the lever to the right. When you push the lever, the doors swing open and the stored car can roll down the ramp. 1971 and there were already such clever playfeatures available. Unfortunately, the lever of the old plate in the collection is broken and thus this doesn’t work anymore. And since my brother is currently rebuilding the vintage stuff, I decided to surprise him with this in addition to the missing arch piece I ordered for his 760 London Bus.

So, that’s it for this order. I have another order incoming, but that will have just a few pieces I was still missing for the Predator. Oh. I nearly forgot the video. Please forgive me not being super enthusiastic. I was already very bugged by having to start over two times. If you have suggestions for me to improve this, please post it in the comments here or below the video.


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