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Woohoo – 100 Facebook Page Likes

Congratulations to me, congratulations to me *sing*

Okay enough of this. This came somewhat unexpected. But I reached this big milestone. 100(!) people and pages liked my Facebook page. This is awesome. Thank you all very much for reading, commenting and liking.

To celebrate this a little, I pulled out the big camera and tried to make some good photographs. After that, I really did some editing *yay*

So here it is:

42029 Big and Mini

What we have here is of course the 42029 Customized Pickup Truck and it’s slightly smaller version made by Artemy Zotov. The smaller version was a really cool build with only the LDD file as source material. Also I did some minor modifications, but nothing really outstanding. Both models look really cool next to each other and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Again, thank you all for your support. Next milestone: 1000 page likes 😉


Looking back on 2014

It seems, the older I get, the faster the years fly by. Looking back, this year passed in just a moment. This was a year with quite some ups and downs. It’s not like anything really serious has happened, so rest assured. I had various plans, but couldn’t accomplish everything. At some points I was just totally busy with other stuff like work or being a voluntary firefighter. At other periods my other hobby (videogames) took a lot of time.



  • I bought and built quite a lot sets this year. Among these, many of the major Technic sets and some bigger System sets.
  • I built Sheepo’s Mustang.
  • I built Crowkillers Phantasm Twin Turbo.
  • Built some other smaller MOCs, like the Tumbler above made by ZBLJ.
  • Got several bulk supplies in smaller parts for some ideas I have.

Not accomplished:

  • Clear my to-build box.
  • Finish my C-model for 42009.
  • Post-process the video footage I recorded.
  • Find a good video processing software and learn how to use it.
  • Write reviews for the sets and MOCs I built.
  • Expand my building and storage space for better lighting and perhaps some backdrops.

Plans for next year:

  • Complete at least some of the reviews and videos.
  • Clearing the to-build box.
  • Start the long planned system MOC.
  • Build some MOCs from other people. The first one will be the 42009 C-model by MrTekneex.
  • Probably accomplish my own idea for a 42009 C-model with the above as base.
  • Expand my building and storage space for better lighting and perhaps some backdrops.

42030 and me

I wanted to go into a little more detail, but I guess that is not very interesting. So I leave it at that. All in all, it was still a good year. I got some great sets which really suprised me or where just very good value. But also I am a little disappointed about the things I did not accomplish.

Now, a new year is coming. I wish you, my readers and followers, all the best for the next year, a lot of new sets and bricks and of course lots of time for your favorite hobby. I sure have some plans and hope to pull through this year.

Until then, have a good time, a happy new year and a big THANK YOU for reading my blog and following me on Facebook.

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all my readers and followers a really Merry Christmas. I hope all your wishes come true and that you have some nice holidays and even some time to build with your favorite bricks.

And to not have this post totally boring, here is a little brick-built movie that gave me the chuckles:

The chores of the brick

After I have done this, I have procrastinated a little to write this post. Not because I didn’t want to write this, but the so-called chores I did, really got me down a little. So “chores” is usually something you do around the house, do regularly or that is a nuisant duty. In this case, it’s the latter. But that is also my own fault, since I decided myself to keep my loose parts properly sorted instead of having a big box with all my parts like I had it when I was a kid.

What I am ranting about, is sorting away pieces. Often, it is not too much work. For example when I disassemble a system set. But after disassembling Sheepo’s Shelby GT500, I was confronted with a  rather big box full of parts. Over 3500 parts!


Usually, when I disassemble something, I try to pre-sort the pieces directly. Liftarms, thin liftarms, bricks, connectors, axles, pins, gears, bushes, panels and special parts from suspension, fake engine and so on. This time, I only had a box, because I had none of my other boxes available. So I used the box I received with my last order from Lego (which I got the Exo Suit in) and put all the pieces in there. After 4 hours of disassembly the box was 2/3 full as you can see above.

So, before finally putting the pieces into the storage I usually do some pre-sorting. Double the work, but there was no other way. So here is how I do that to keep the time effort as low as possible. The procedure is divided in several steps that are repeated until the box is empty:

  1. On the layer you see, you take all pieces you can quickly find and put them in a separate box. E.g liftarms.
  2. After don’t see any of this part directly, go on with the next type of pieces, e.g. connectors.
  3. Again, once no obvious of the previous type are visible, change the type again, e.g. axles.
  4. Repeat and repeat and repeat …

The type of piece you choose is not necessarily in the mentioned order and there are more than just the three mentioned types. But, you should stick to the type as long as you can easily find pieces of the type. Then go on to the next type and again and again and again. At least that is how I do it. Mostly I leave out pins for quite a few steps until I mostly see pins.


Here you can see how I do it. I still have a third of the pieces to sort. At that moment I was sorting out thin liftarms as you can probably assume from the small container that I placed on the edge of the box. At this stage, normal thick liftarms that were in my way were directly put into the other big cardboard box. That keeps a little dynamic in the process and liftarms are especially easy to sort out as well. Therefore I usually take liftarms in the first sorting step. After that liftarms are sorted out “by the way”.


Here is a close-up picture of the box. I would now change the type of piece to sort out, since no thin liftarms are visible at a quick look. I could choose between axles, connectors or pins. I think I chose axles as the are somewhat more prominent than the connectors and pins being a plain nuisance. More than that, I just sorted out other pieces from the box until only pins were left. And in the end, I had this:


The big box in the background is filled with liftarms, the few panels and the bricks. Left of that are the connectors. In the row in front of the cardboard box we have (left to right) suspension, steering and fake engine parts, then bushes and flex axles, gears, pins and then axles. In front of that two boxes with thin liftarms.

At this stage I could easily detail-sort the pieces and put them in the storage containers with similar parts.

Now the big question: How do you guys handle MOC disassembly? Do you do something similar? Do you have a process that is totally different? Please let me know in the comments.


When the thumbs hurt like hell

When your thumbs hurt like hell, then you probably have done something big. At least I did. In preparation for building the awesome Phantasm TwinTurbo supercar made by Crowkillers, I first had to disassemble Sheepo’s GT500. That was a sad moment, because this was such a cool car. No, it wasn’t just a cool car. It had a great design, it was really big, lots of parts, had very cool functions and very interesting techniques. But, I need the parts. So I disassembled it.


This is the result of approximately 4 hours of disassembly spread over 2 evenings. ~3600 parts. Ok, something around 1100 pieces are pins, but I guess you understand now, why my thumbs hurt so much. Disassembly was really painful at times, because this car was so well-built and sturdy. And today (probably not 😉 ) I will start sorting all that. Usually I do some pre-sorting while disassembling a set or MOC, but all my boxes are filled, so I’ll do it the oldfashioned way.

The good news is, I finally have received my last Bricklink order last Saturday. That means, after sorting, I can start pre-sorting the parts for the Phantasm. And what you see here, are the complimentary parts for both versions.


I’ll probably build it in a week, as there is something else I want to complete first. There is a very special contest currently running and I want to participate. And the deadline is already approaching. But you’ll get some information soon enough 😉

On ordering supplemental parts

There are a lot of valuable ressources around Lego on the internet and today I want to talk about getting supplemental parts for specific creations. For quite some time now, I am building other peoples creations. Mostly because the models are great and also to learn how it is done and to get some inspiration for my own soon-to-come MOCs. Last weekend, Crowkillers released the instructions for his Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar and this has initiated the MOC building cycle for me again. This consists of several steps for me.

  1. Evaluating the parts lists and check what is missing
  2. Compile a list of missing parts
  3. Brief check of prices for missing pieces
  4. Thinking about substitutions for parts with high price or very low to no availability
  5. Update list of missing parts
  6. Order missing parts

This is quite a list of steps to do. I do not know how others do it, but this basically sums up how I get the parts I need for certain MOCs. Read the rest of this entry

Exo Suit and I

Ok, I failed. Nearly. On August 1st TLG released a huge amount of new sets. Among them are the Technic Sets for 2H14 like 42028, 42029 and the long awaited (by me) 42030. Also, they released 2 (!) new sets from Lego Ideas. This is a real first, because in the past they only released one set at a time. So, last friday the new sets were released. It was already past noon, when I browsed the Eurobricks Forum and stumbled upon the thread for the Exo Suit. For a few seconds, I was shocked. After that, I immediately went to the Lego Shop and looked up the set. Damn, I was too late. No more sets were available and the shipping date was already set to September 4th. But, I could put it in my shopping basket and even purchase it. I added the “Research Institute” and the 42020 to fill up above 55€ for free shipping. My initial thought was, that I could possibly be in luck and get it anyway.

The days flew by and I didn’t get a confirmation from TLG nor were there any changes to my purchase details in the shop. Today, there was a post at The Brothers Brick about problems with the Lego Shop and deliveries without notification. So I checked my order once again and it said it was shipped. Except for the Exo Suit of course. I still have to wait for it. So be it. But I got the other stuff and the delivery was very fast.

Current Order

So for now, I received 42020, 21110 and 40109 (freebie for every order). For now, I put it into my to-do box, which is rather filled up already. I need to do something about this. Soon I’ll have more time for Lego again 😉

To-do box

Also, here is a closeup shot of the cool 21110 Research Institute Set. I really like it. There is a good article about it on the blog of Ellen Kooijman (aka Alatariel / set designer). Make sure to read it!

21110 Female Minifigure Set

It is done!

Finally my building place is finished. Now I just need to move all my tech and Lego stuff in and I am done. I hope to get this all done this weekend. It is really huge and I already love it. And here are some pictures and stats!

IMAG1424 Read the rest of this entry

My building place – a update

Before, I have already talked about the design of my new building place. In fact, the design phase lies back more than 2 months already. Also I have been working on this for quite a while with a lot of big breaks due to time restrictions, bad weather or simply not being there to do it.

As I had mentioned, the parts were already finished, so last week I began to assemble this beast. I started to make the vertical frames. These were rather easy. Since I had already prepared the holes in the beginning, I could basically lay them Read the rest of this entry

Newest sets

I have received some new (and old) sets yesterday and today. In general it was a total of two orders, but I received as much as 3 packages, since one set wasn’t available at shop@home.

So yesterday I received this:

IMAG1304 Read the rest of this entry

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