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Instructions for Crowkillers Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar available

I have waited quite a while for this now. Crowkillers (Paul Boratko) has finally released the instructions for his fantastic “Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar”.

Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar

This is not only a really beatiful car, but it has a cool range of specs:

  • 2000 pieces
  • H.O.G. steering with working steering wheel
  • Scissor doors
  • 5+R transmission
  • 4 Wheel independent suspension

You can build the model in either red or white, but I like the white version a lot better. For me this means, time to make new parts lists, order parts and it is finally time to disassemble the Shelby GT500.

Paul also created a promotional video to showcase the features and his skills at playing Pool:

Credit for the picture above goes to Paul Boratko (Crowkillers)

Video by Paul Boratko (Crowkillers)

You can purchase the instructions here: Click


To all metalheads

Not much to say about this one, except: Enjoy!

TechnicBRICKs: Are these the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets?

Over at TechnicBRICKs a list of new set numbers and names has occured. These sets seem rather interesting at first. Please note, that this is no official list and should be regarded as a rumor.

Here is the list:

  • 42031 – Platform
  • 42032 – Compact Track Loader
  • 42033 – Action Rocket Car
  • 42034 – Action Quad
  • 42035 – Dump Truck
  • 42036 – Street Motorcycle
  • 42037 – Formula Off-Roader
  • 42038 – Arctic Tracked Vehicle
  • 42039 – Long Distance Race Car

But we shouldn’t get our hopes too high. The set names sound interesting so far, but as far as I remember the new sets with lower numbers are the smaller sets and the higher numbers are bigger sets. That means, that the Track Loader, Platform and Dump Truck are probably rather small sets, the action cars probably pullback racers. The arctic tracked vehicle being a medium set like 42028 and the long distance race car probably being in the scale of 42000 or 8070. But these are just my thoughts, that stem from my subjective experience with last years releases.

But, the motorcycle seems interesting enough to get, as I had previously skipped motorcycles and really regret it.

So, it’s cool to already have some set numbers and names, but pictures might be way more interesting.

Please visit the original post on TechnicBRICKs for additional information:

TechnicBRICKs: Are these the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets?

42030 Wheel Loader – It’s finally here

Oh well, I just had to wait like two and a half week until my copy of Wheel Loader arrived. Now I have to wait until Monday to build it! 😦

42030 and me

Well, the weekend in Prague (Praha) will keep me distracted enough 😉

21109 Exo Suit – unexpected delivery

Well, as the regular reader knows, I had ordered my copy of 21109 Exo Suit a little late. But, as TLG has promised, everyone will get his own copy. When I had ordered the set, the online shop stated it would be available again on September 4th. Today, I received a confirmation email, that my order will be soon delivered. Hooray! So TLG is obviously working really hard to fulfill all backorders.

21109 confirmation

So it will arrive probably tomorrow. Too bad, I’ll get it delivered to my working place instead of home. And since I will not be in the office tomorrow, it will have to wait until Tuesday next week.

Please note: You can still order this set on the Lego Online Shop. But delivery will take some time. For Germany, the current availability date is September 24th. Dates may vary for other countries

42030 – finally … RC incoming!

For my birthday I had a single wish. Amazon giftcards. The reason? To buy 42030 – Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, plain and simple. The plan worked and I ordered it on my birthday directly from Amazon, which had the best available price as well. The only drawback was, that it was not yet deliverable. My thought was, that if I can get it for a “good” price, then waiting a little while was ok.

A few days later I checked Amazon again and you couldn’t even order 42030 anymore. It was still available through other sellers, but way more expensive. Partially the price was even above the MSRP which is just ridiculous. I was waiting day after day to get some good news.

So today I got an email from Amazon. I thought it was about the order status of the book I ordered yesterday. But in fact it was the confirmation, that I will get my copy of 42030 in 2 days.


Well, that is good. But I won’t have time for it on the weekend, because I will be in Prague 😦 🙂

But I will be back on Sunday and I have a day off on Monday! 😀

Who dares to build this?

Eurobricks is a really great source when you want to find new models. Now here is something that is already rather old, but popped up again in the Star Wars forum today due to new interest. I hadn’t seen this creation in January and it had some serious attention back then. The creator Thomas Benedikt (Fox Hound) made yet another Executor-class Star Destroyer. He claims it is in midi-scale, but that doesn’t say anything here.

Executor-class Star Destroyer

This beast is made in LDD and approximately 13ft (~4m) long. The files he created consist together of around 70000 parts, but he hasn’t built the interior. He also estimates this creation to weigh around 100kg, which is quite a lot and would need serious non-Lego support.

Another nice shot Fox made is a battle scene where he used lightsabre blades as effects for the ship turrets. I like it a lot.

Space battle

A little later in the thread, render-master Blakbird chimed in and offered to make some renders. He also added some lighting and the results are really cool and atmospheric:

Blakbirds render

I hope you like this one as much as I do. For more details, please follow the links below.

EB topic:

Mocpages entry:

Brickshelf folder:

Renders by Blakbird:

Minifigure-scale mindcraft sets have surfaced

On a UK toy website, the first pictures of Minecraft sets in minifigure scale have surfaced. There is no information yet about prices or a release date.

While I am a big fan of Minecraft and the general idea behind it, I am not yet convinced of these sets. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Micro World sets with the brick-built characters, but I am not yet sold about the new scale and the looks of the sets. Read the rest of this entry

Locomotive breath

One of the first things I did today, was roaming around Eurobricks to see what has happened over the night. To my surprise, Bricksonwheels posted his newest creation in the Technic/Model Team forum.

bricksonwheels_EMD_SD40-2 Read the rest of this entry

Why not fly into Mordor?

The guys from BrotherhoodWorkshop are already famoud for their brilliant Lego stop motion movies. Thry have just come up with a new video that shows what would have happened if the Fellowship would not have taken the journey on foot.


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