Porsche 997 GT3 from Crowkillers

Paul Boratko alias Crowkillers is already pretty famous in the LEGO community for his ingenious LEGO Technic® cars in the scale of ~1:10. His latest creation is the Porsche 997 GT3. Having his instructions on hand, I decided to fill up my parts collection a bit more and build this great car.

IMAG1108Since at the time I built it, I had mostly red parts to build the body, I built the red version of course. I’d love to do a black version as Paul did, but I have no black 19L flex axles. This part is so rare, there is not even a single selling lot available on Bricklink at the current time. Also I purchased some chromed rims from Chromebricks to make the look a lot better.

The car itself consists of 1837 single parts and brings quite some features:

  • 6 speed transmission
  • “Hand of God” steering system with functional Dash Steering Wheel
  • Flat 6 Rear mounted Engine
  • Full Independent Suspension
  • Opening Hood, Doors and Trunk


The Porsche also sports some cool details that makes it easy to recognize. It has the distinctive headlights and the curvy rear of a typical Porsche. What I especially liked and didn’t realize before building from the pictures I’ve seen is that the rear axle is in fact 2 studs wider than the front axle. I didn’t even realize that until I had the chassis mostly finished. This is a nice detail, not only reflecting the lines of the real car but also helps to bring out the sportyness of the whole car. All in all, this car is really well made and mostly very sturdy. The 6 speed transmission and the flat boxer engine work flawlessly and the model is well shaped by the brilliant use of connectors and panels.


While building the car, I didn’t have any big struggles. The instructions that were made by Erik Albrecht alias Blakbird are very clear and in my opinion the finest he has made so far.

The only thing, that I would have really missed, was a better solution for the headlights. Yes the shape of a typical Porsche headlight is there, but I am missing something that represents the main reflector. A simple additional detail, well not so simple as I couldn’t figure out how to add it without destroying the original construction.


The verdict

Well, what else should I say than that this is a awesome car. One could say it is not as good as Crowkillers Vampire GT, but I think it represents the real car pretty well. Looking at how it is built, it is pretty solid and well made and the instructions are pretty good. And the best: It is really a lot of fun to drive around on the floor with it or simply admiring its astonishing shape when having it on display.

I think this model is really worth building and the instructions are available at Paul’s Website for a small fee of only 12$. Before building, you can also check out if you have the needed parts on ReBrickable.

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The high resolution pictures are available in my Brickshelf folder.

More pictures from Pauls own model are available on his website.

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