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UCS Dark Knight Tumbler unveiled at Comic-Con

Lego has unveiled a UCS version of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight movie which will be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con. The set will consist of about 1869 pieces and will ship in September for $199 USD (Euro price not yet available). The tumbler features a full interior and a nameplate with Batman and Joker (first time Heath Ledger version) minifigs.

Remarkably, this set will be also very interesting for Technic fans, because it features new tyres on the front wheels, which have a bulgy desing and a thread style racing pattern. And in the back we have 4 “Unimog” wheels. Read the rest of this entry


World War B

The guys from Robot Chicken are infamous for their hilarious stop-motion parody clips. And now they combined Lego with World War Z. Hilarious. But watch for yourselves!

Direct way to space

Eurobricks user hknssn has published his newest and awesome creation based on two EV3 bricks. He “simply” built a space elevator. More or less. Basically the robot builds a tower. Theoretically to infinity. One EV3 brick takes care of supplying the builder with modules, and the builder takes these modules and puts them on top of the tower. But I can describe this as much as I want, because seeing this masterpiece in action is better than any words that I can find.

This creation imposes a lot of interesting questions. Like how long does it take to create a specific height? How long can it run on a single batch of batteries? How many pieces does it take to reach space? What is the practical height that this creation can reach before the laws of physics shatter it to bits? Questions over questions.

If you come up with a good question, please post it in the comments!

Remote Evolution

A kickstarter campaign just popped up today that seems very ambitious and useful at the same time. Mainly, this will be useful for Lego Technic MOCers who want better usage of remote controlling their PF-powered creations.

Basically, it is a new receiver that has four outputs. The receiver can be connected to a smartphone via BlueTooth and thus has a far better range and is not affected by sunlight. Also, there is no restriction for 4 channels in a tight area anymore.

The creators also made a video that shows how this new receiver works:

You can find more information and can support the project on its kickstarter page.

Be prepared …

I know I had just recently posted a mobile home from a movie, but I think if the Zombie Apocalypse is coming, this would be one of the best ways to travel. Or stay safe at night against the odd zombie. Misterzumbi posted on Flickr his build of the Winnebago camper that takes a prominent role in the first 2 seasons of AMCs “The Walking Dead“.

I think Misterzumbi did a fantastic job, rendering the shapes and design of this motorhome in minifigure scale. I can really only imagine the hordes of zombies swarming around it while Dale sits on the top. At least, minifigure Dale has yet to learn his fate. Read the rest of this entry

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