Digital Lego Books at HumbleBundle

The new Humble Books Bundle just started. For those who are not familiar with Humble Bundle: This started with videogames from Indie-Developers. Everyone can pay what they want. If the buyer pays above a limit or an average price, he gets extra items. Part of the money that is made goes to charity. Best of all, the bundle content is usually available as DRM-free downloads.


It contains several books about LEGO. Even Sariels recent book. For a free to choose price, these are:

  • LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs & More!
  • LEGO Space: Building the Future
  • Incredible LEGO Technic: Card, Trucks, Robots & More!

For $15 or more you get:

  • Steampunk LEGO
  • The LEGO Neighborhood Book: Build Your Own Town!

The Bundle is named “Brainiac Book Bundle”. But they could have just named it “NoStarch Bundle” as well. In addition to the LEGO books, you get several books about science themes for kids.

The bundle is available for two weeks. After the first week, more books will be added to this bundle. Perhaps more LEGO books.

I know, eBooks are just not the same as real books. But I think it is very practical to have some digital editions. You can easily take them on vacation on a tablet and entertain yourself with it, without having to carry the big and heavy books around. I can only suggest to take this offer. Particularly, because you won’t get these books as cheap as this!

You can get the bundle here: Click


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