What a year – 2015

I want to use a few of the last minutes of 2015 and thank all of my readers. I know, the postings on my blog are rather scarce currently, but I somewhat regularly post on the Facebook page, which has a lot better reach (800+ followers). Still, I want to thank all the fans, readers and commentors on all platforms. This year was really awesome, with many good sets and a lot of joy when building (even if I didn’t achieve as much as I had wanted). Real life was pretty busy as well and from time to time I had longer phases in which I couldn’t build. Still, I am always coming back and enjoy our favorite brick.

Anyway, I wish you all the best for 2016, lot’s of bricks, fun, health and whatever you wish for. Let’s all have the best 2016 possible.


Also, big thanks to TLG for the awesome “thank you cards” and for continued production of LEGO bricks and awesome sets.


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  1. Happy new Year 🙂

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