Progress on the Prado

I did some progress on the Toyota Prado by rm8. I did already post some pictures on Facebook showing the first representation of the rear axle made in LDD and the first gearbox version I had built with real bricks. Since I am somewhat on vacation currently, I had some time to take care of the rear axle. I wasn’t yet satisfied by the original design and even rm8 advised me to build it with the newer axle hubs. And so I did. I had already tried to use the hubs that were introduced with 42000, but this still seemed kind of flimsy and unstable, though only digital. So I decided to use the portal hubs from the 8110 – Unimog.


I will try and build it with bricks, but I am already rather satisfied. It looks rather stable and all the original connection points are preserved in the new design. The only difference is, that the mounting point for the wheels is half a stud wider on either side, increasing the axle width from 19 to 20 studs.

Here is a comparison picture of both axle designs. The grey one is mine, the black one is the original as I have replicated it from the image material that I have.


I hope this works as well as I expect it to. It better should for all the thought I put in it.


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