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It is done!

Finally my building place is finished. Now I just need to move all my tech and Lego stuff in and I am done. I hope to get this all done this weekend. It is really huge and I already love it. And here are some pictures and stats!

IMAG1424 Read the rest of this entry

Building my building place

I am currently moving. So I decided to have a proper LEGO® workplace for future constructions. I tortured my mind a lot about how I could combine my building area with my PC workplace. I found a solution, but it is still in progress.

I settled with the idea to have a huge shelve as a room divider in the living room and which should stand directly behind the sofa. That was not only to store all my books, videogames and my bookkeeping, but also to have some kind of useful furniture. Read the rest of this entry

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