My building place – a update

Before, I have already talked about the design of my new building place. In fact, the design phase lies back more than 2 months already. Also I have been working on this for quite a while with a lot of big breaks due to time restrictions, bad weather or simply not being there to do it.

As I had mentioned, the parts were already finished, so last week I began to assemble this beast. I started to make the vertical frames. These were rather easy. Since I had already prepared the holes in the beginning, I could basically lay them together and put the screws in. Oh, how I assumed that would be easy. In some places I had to improvise a little bit, because some of the pieces wouldn’t go together in a straight way. But I got it sorted out.

Frame while drying

Frame while drying

After that, I had to apply another layer of color. I used an acrylic color, which is suitable for wood and also can be applied indoors. Gladly, the weather was totally awesome when I did it and I could make good time. In fact, the applied color dried so fast that the frames where dry at the front when I reached the end.

The next step was to connect the frames with another set of struts for stabilization. That was not as easy as the frame assembly. I had to measure and align parts and be careful when tightening the corner brackets. In the end, I had 2 big parts. The back shelf consisting of the two biggest frames which reach the ceiling and the front shelf of the three lower frames. I also connected them with struts.

Boards are yet only for visualization

Boards are yet only for visualization

The final step was to lay in all the case boards and fix them with some more corner brackets. I underestimated, how long this step could take – and how much pain it would cause. But today I am alright again – haha.

Nearly finished. Only a few boards left to fixate.

Nearly finished. Only a few boards left to fixate. Lipko’s Red Coupé already moved in.

As a final step for yesterday, I already measured and screwed in the corner brackets which will act as support for the strut that will hold the desk boards. Tomorrow I will prepare these struts, fix them to the shelf and wall and mount the desk boards. After that, my building place will be complete and I can start filling the shelf and moving in my storage and sorting.

I find, the shelf itself very sturdy until now. I wasn’t so sure with just the frame, but after fixing all the boards it merely creeks when trying move. Perhaps I’ll fix it to the wall, but I don’t think this will be necessary.

Hi-Res Pictures available in my Brickshelf folder.


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  1. müsste es nicht “an update” heißen?

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