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Mini Tumbler

Over on Eurobricks, a contest was held in the Technic Subforum. The goal was to make a mini model with no more than 200 parts which could as well be released from TLC. The entries were closed yesterday, so I took a look at the available models. Some even came with instructions or a LDD file to show how it is built.

ZBLJ chose to build a Mini Tumbler and also provided a LDD file. So I chose to build my own. Unfortunately, because I still have Sheepo’s Mustang built on the shelf, some parts of my collection are currently not available in black. Instead I chose to use a very dark grey (pun intended). So I began sorting out the pieces and started directly to build it.


So after a little building, I ended up with my very own Tumbler. This model features:

  • independent front suspension
  • rear live axle with suspension
  • HOG steering
  • adjustable wings

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UCS Dark Knight Tumbler unveiled at Comic-Con

Lego has unveiled a UCS version of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight movie which will be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con. The set will consist of about 1869 pieces and will ship in September for $199 USD (Euro price not yet available). The tumbler features a full interior and a nameplate with Batman and Joker (first time Heath Ledger version) minifigs.

Remarkably, this set will be also very interesting for Technic fans, because it features new tyres on the front wheels, which have a bulgy desing and a thread style racing pattern. And in the back we have 4 “Unimog” wheels. Read the rest of this entry

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