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Progress on the Prado

I did some progress on the Toyota Prado by rm8. I did already post some pictures on Facebook showing the first representation of the rear axle made in LDD and the first gearbox version I had built with real bricks. Since I am somewhat on vacation currently, I had some time to take care of the rear axle. I wasn’t yet satisfied by the original design and even rm8 advised me to build it with the newer axle hubs. And so I did. I had already tried to use the hubs that were introduced with 42000, but this still seemed kind of flimsy and unstable, though only digital. So I decided to use the portal hubs from the 8110 – Unimog.


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What am I building?

I was a little busy yesterday and today. And will be probably tomorrow as well. I am currently building a digital model of a certain Technic car. Actually, it is not my own MOC. It is by someone else and I am dreading for a long time now to build something similar. I was hoping for a digital model or even instructions from its creator, but until today nothing has happened.

The person who originally created this model is not staff from TLG, but he achieved to be somewhat famous among the Technic fans. I think the car is pretty cool and huge and has some great functions. A real supercar. That is why it is so interesting to me. I build the digital model to find out if I can build it with my collection or if I need some substantial parts orders. As source material I have the “release” pictures of the model (which contain some pretty good and stylish photography) and some WiP pictures. The big problem is, that I need to build the chassis mainly from the WiP pics, but the finished model is a little different at a lot of areas. Also, I am doing some “color polishing” to improve some sections myself directly. So the big question remains: What am I building?


A hint: This is the rear axle.

Who can guess from who and which model this is?

When the thumbs hurt like hell

When your thumbs hurt like hell, then you probably have done something big. At least I did. In preparation for building the awesome Phantasm TwinTurbo supercar made by Crowkillers, I first had to disassemble Sheepo’s GT500. That was a sad moment, because this was such a cool car. No, it wasn’t just a cool car. It had a great design, it was really big, lots of parts, had very cool functions and very interesting techniques. But, I need the parts. So I disassembled it.


This is the result of approximately 4 hours of disassembly spread over 2 evenings. ~3600 parts. Ok, something around 1100 pieces are pins, but I guess you understand now, why my thumbs hurt so much. Disassembly was really painful at times, because this car was so well-built and sturdy. And today (probably not 😉 ) I will start sorting all that. Usually I do some pre-sorting while disassembling a set or MOC, but all my boxes are filled, so I’ll do it the oldfashioned way.

The good news is, I finally have received my last Bricklink order last Saturday. That means, after sorting, I can start pre-sorting the parts for the Phantasm. And what you see here, are the complimentary parts for both versions.


I’ll probably build it in a week, as there is something else I want to complete first. There is a very special contest currently running and I want to participate. And the deadline is already approaching. But you’ll get some information soon enough 😉

Instructions for Crowkillers Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar available

I have waited quite a while for this now. Crowkillers (Paul Boratko) has finally released the instructions for his fantastic “Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar”.

Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar

This is not only a really beatiful car, but it has a cool range of specs:

  • 2000 pieces
  • H.O.G. steering with working steering wheel
  • Scissor doors
  • 5+R transmission
  • 4 Wheel independent suspension

You can build the model in either red or white, but I like the white version a lot better. For me this means, time to make new parts lists, order parts and it is finally time to disassemble the Shelby GT500.

Paul also created a promotional video to showcase the features and his skills at playing Pool:

Credit for the picture above goes to Paul Boratko (Crowkillers)

Video by Paul Boratko (Crowkillers)

You can purchase the instructions here: Click

Preparations are on

I decided, that the next thing I build, will be Sheepo’s GT500. It has had a lot of praise on Eurobricks and every other site that featured it. In the meantime, instructions are available as well and some people already have built it themselves.

There are two versions available. One remote controlled and one manual. Whilst the remote controlled version uses several motors and remotes and has a linear transmission, the manual version has a regular transmission, no motors, but features a handbrake. Also there is a substantial difference in the amount of parts. The remote version sports over 4000 (!) parts, where the manual version only needs only nearly 3600 parts.

I decided to build the manual version. Not only because of the lack of motors or because the manual edition is cheaper, but because this will be mostly a display model. If you are interested in buying the building instructions, you can find them on Sheepo’s website.

So there are several stages in the preparation process. They are mostly complete and I hope to be able to begin building next week, when my vacation starts. So here are the steps that I went through:

  • Determine, which sets or MOCs I have on display currently and decide which can be disassembled
  • Disassemble those chosen sets/MOCs and sort the pieces
  • Get the parts list and compile a list of missing parts
  • Transform the list of missing parts into a Bricklink wishlist
  • Go back and forth between shops to see how missing parts can be ordered most effectily
  • And of course: Order these missing parts

This is a rather crude description of the process that I have gone through. And I am not yet finished. I still need to finish all the tasks. Currently I still have the Vampire GT to disassemble and sort the parts. Missing parts are all ordered and I am waiting for the last packages to arrive.

Contrary to past orders, this time I really had to order from quite a few shops. All in all I did eleven orders on BrickLink. I am ok with that, but I would have wished to cut a little on postage cost. Also I did my first orders from outside germany, which is a rather interesting thing as I have no clue how long it will take for them to arrive. The biggest problem was, that I waited too long. When I first looked for the availability of parts, it was pretty good. Now when I ordered, several parts where rather seldom available from within Germany. Most crucial were the flex axles, because this model requires some rather rare parts. But in the end, I found all the pieces. And even if this was quite an investment, I would guess that I came out of it rather cheap.

So far, I am pretty satisfied with my progress and I can’t wait to start building. But before that, more sorting, more preparing of pieces and of course sorting out the pieces for building.

Quick Update

I’ve been a little lazy lately in regards to the blog. So here is a little update. More detailed posts coming soon.

#1 I got and built the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk2

#2 I build Crowkillers Vampire GT in black

#3 I built Nathanael Kuipers Supercar

Shame on me: No picture yet.

#4 I decided to do some kind of “interim” build…

until I have the motivation to disassemble some stuff and start to build RM8’s Toyota Prado. And since I wanted to build something cool, I decided to build and alter Nico71’s Trophy Truck with CVT. I basically tried to maintain the looks of it, but make it manual, with a 4-gear transmission, HOG and V6-fakeengine.

What coming next?

I will stay a little more busy with the Trophy Truck. I want to create a digital model with LDD as far as possible and optimize the center chassis, increase the stability and so on. Also, currently the drive-train is far from being optimal. So basically, I’ll make the digital model and make some changes and improvements there, then disassemble the current model and build it anew.

Something super

I am always looking for great models. And of course I am also looking for things that I can build and put on the shelf to admire it.

And now there is something new for my list. A Shelby Mustang GT500 made by Sheepo. For those who do not know him yet, Sheepo is one of the major Technic builders who aims to bring more realism and authentic mechanisms into Technic MOCs.

The model is remote controlled and has 5 motors. It features:

  • drive
  • steering
  • sequential 5+r gearbox with gear indicator
  • disk-breaks with working breaks pedal

Non-motorized functions are:

  • openable hood, doors and trunk
  • folding front seats
  • back seats
  • a flip stand to raise the rear axle
  • McPherson front axle and 4-links live rear axle
  • Ackermann steering with working steering wheel

Sheepo also made a video to demonstrate functionality.

And the best part is: He will also provide instructions. For the motorized version and a manual version. That means, this is totally going on my build-list. And I was already thinking of making a manual version myself.

Newest sets

I have received some new (and old) sets yesterday and today. In general it was a total of two orders, but I received as much as 3 packages, since one set wasn’t available at shop@home.

So yesterday I received this:

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Red Coupé is finished

Last week on thursday and then on the weekend, I had some time to do some building. I continued to build the Red Coupé Supercar created by Lipko. To be honest, I already finished it on sunday evening. But I want to talk about the building process a little bit instead of presenting the final model (I still need to make some adjustments).


I basically had 5 building sessions: Read the rest of this entry

Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar

Before going on with the MOC I am looking most forward to, I decided to build something else. I have acquired quite a list of MOCs and one of the must-build MOCs on that list is Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar. I was looking forward to build it for quite a while now and now the moment is here.

© Lipko

© Lipko / szecs

I’ll be a bit straightforward on this one. On the last Saturday evening, I had all my bags of “sorted” Technic parts assembled around me. Read the rest of this entry

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