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Set reviews for 1H15 Technic sets

Sariel, as one of the masters of Technic reviews, has gotten all the sets from the first Technic wave of 2015 for review by TLG. As he promised, he has finished all the reviews for the new sets by today. You can watch them on YouTube, of course.

The playlist also contains older reviews. So if you missed them, you can watch them there.


Review – 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

This is the first set review I make. And it will be for a set that accompanies “The Lego Movie“. The sets were available now for quite a while, but they didn’t create much interest for me. That was until I saw “The Lego Movie”. I knew immediately, that I need to get some sets. So I got the “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” along with “Bad Cop’s Pursuit“. Mainly I wanted this set because of the colorful theme and because of “Princess Unikitty” which is one of the best and most adorable characters in the movie.


The “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” is one of the smaller sets. It has 197 pieces and comes with 3 mini-figures (Emmet with Brick of Resistance, Wyldestyle and a Fed-Bot) and 2 brickbuilt figures (Princess Unikitty and a snail). The set costs 19,99€ and I got it from Amazon at 16,75€. With roughly 200 pieces and the price I paid, this is a good value.


The build is rather straight-forward. First you build all the figures. Next comes a free-standing cloud with a flower launcher and finally you build the palace. Apart from the launcher, this set has one other play feature. That is some gear-driven rotating dishes on the palace. All in all I really like the style of this set, as it perfectly fits into the theme from the movie. Of course you have to expect some color vomit, but in my opinion, this fits perfectly fine here. A nice detail is the brick-built sun that “floats” near the clouds. Also, the round plates on the floor add a lot of detail to this palace in the clouds.


The minifigures in this set are rather ok. Where Wyldstyle and Emmet are typically unusual for current city themes, the robot is more or less ordinary except the pearl grey head. Wyldstyle even sports a printed hood as neck accessory. Emmet is mainly default with the “Piece of Resistance” except for a red stud on his leg which is supposed to be a tracking device. In my opinion, the star of this set is Princess Unikitty. Though brick-built she is one of the main characters and looks just adorable. And even though play interaction with her is limited, she is just so charming that you got to love her.


The parts assortment in this set is really astonishing. Apart from the already mentioned color vomit, this set brings a lot of color to your collection. Many pieces in bright colors of different shades are accompanied with various pieces in transparent colors and quite a few printed pieces as well. Not a single sticker was needed for this set and that is a big bonus when you look at the pricetag. Also, there are a lot of extra pieces in the box, which is definately a plus as well.


The “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” is a really cool set if you liked the movie. It works great as a gift and just spreads some good mood. It could have been a little bigger of course, but it works well as it is. The overall childish and sweetshop look make it just adorable and with Princess Unikitty it is just so sweet it gives you diabeetus. After all, Unikitty forbade negative thought in her realm, so all that is left is praise.

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