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Red Coupé is finished

Last week on thursday and then on the weekend, I had some time to do some building. I continued to build the Red Coupé Supercar created by Lipko. To be honest, I already finished it on sunday evening. But I want to talk about the building process a little bit instead of presenting the final model (I still need to make some adjustments).


I basically had 5 building sessions: Read the rest of this entry

Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar

Before going on with the MOC I am looking most forward to, I decided to build something else. I have acquired quite a list of MOCs and one of the must-build MOCs on that list is Lipko’s Red Coupé Supercar. I was looking forward to build it for quite a while now and now the moment is here.

© Lipko

© Lipko / szecs

I’ll be a bit straightforward on this one. On the last Saturday evening, I had all my bags of “sorted” Technic parts assembled around me. Read the rest of this entry

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