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On ordering supplemental parts

There are a lot of valuable ressources around Lego on the internet and today I want to talk about getting supplemental parts for specific creations. For quite some time now, I am building other peoples creations. Mostly because the models are great and also to learn how it is done and to get some inspiration for my own soon-to-come MOCs. Last weekend, Crowkillers released the instructions for his Phantasm Twin Turbo Supercar and this has initiated the MOC building cycle for me again. This consists of several steps for me.

  1. Evaluating the parts lists and check what is missing
  2. Compile a list of missing parts
  3. Brief check of prices for missing pieces
  4. Thinking about substitutions for parts with high price or very low to no availability
  5. Update list of missing parts
  6. Order missing parts

This is quite a list of steps to do. I do not know how others do it, but this basically sums up how I get the parts I need for certain MOCs. Read the rest of this entry

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