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Ready for deployment

I always was a big fan of Mecha. Not only as a Lego building style but in general, be it in Manga/Anime or even as in recent movies like Pacific Rim (which I haven’t seen yet, but has awesome Mecha designs).

Already before I stumbled upon legorobo:waka on Flickr. I even built his AF4 Mech, which is simply stunning.

Here is one of his latest builds. It is a Mech Transporter. I am not sure if this should be something that is able to fly or just hover above the ground, but it is detailed as always. It can transport a squad of five Mechs for deployment on the battlefield.

I really like the design with openable doors and of course the little Mechs that emerge from their transport shell.

For more pictures, please take a look at the Flickr Gallery.

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