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1H2015 set images leaked

Update: The link to the images became invalid already. Well, at least we had a glance at the new sets. Whoever missed this will have to wait.

Monday morning … a new week has started and motivation still needs to kick in. When checking the Eurobricks Technic forum for new replies I realized there has been some action in the “Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation” thread. And finally, a link to the leaked pictures for the Technic sets for the first half of 2015 has been posted. In fact, all currently available leaked pictures for all available product lines have been publicized. Some lines are still missing and these are just preliminary pictures, so changes will most likely happen to the sets. I won’t post the pictures directly here, but here is the link:

Leaked pictures for 1H2015

When looking at all these box images, the first half of 2015 seems to become a great time for everyone. There are some really nicely designed sets with a lot of cool new pieces along all ranges. Also TLG tries to convince more girls of Lego with a lot of new Friends sets and a new line called “Elves”. Perhaps I’ll get my nieces to ditch their Playmobil with that. And there is good news for fans of “classic” product lines. Pirates AND Bionicle are both back again.

Here are some thoughts on the new Technic sets:

42031 – Platform Truck

This is the smallest set of the wave. To me it has no real appeal. It could work as a gift or I’ll get it for myself because of boredom. Something for a spontaneous takeaway. It seems that this set has no new parts.

42032 – Compact Tracked Loader

This set seems quite interesting. It is rather small, but seems like a good parts pack. It has a lot of the smaller wide track links and the small wide bucket (which I don’t yet have). I don’t see any particular new pieces, but I like the design of this set a lot.

42033 – Action Rocket Car

This is a pullback racer. I don’t like these in general. But this one seems to have some of the dark blue panels that appeared in 41999 Crawler.  At least it looks like these panels. Also it could have 2 2×4 panels in dark blue. But that is just a guess from the picture. This is one of the sets I would just get for parts, not for looks.

42034 – Action Quad

Again a pullback racer. We always seem to get two of those. Nothing very special here, though it looks quite ok.

42035 – Dump Truck

This is one of those high load yellow dump trucks that you can find in the mining industry. Though, the scale is rather small. It is even smaller than the dump truck that has been released in City scale. It has those newer wheels from last year and also seems to feature new panels for the dump bed. The panels seem to be 5×11 in size, but one side is 5 studs long and on the other side it is 3 studs long, thus having a slope. This is the only set where this panel seems to occur, at least in the Technic line.

42036 – Street Bike

I have no motorcycles yet. So, this might find its way into my possesion. The color scheme is somewhat strange with blue and red. Also, the construction itself is not so nifty as other motorcycles have shown in the past. This seems to be one of two sets this wave that comes with flex axles, but it is “only” 2x 11L or 12L red flex axles. I also would have wished that this bike has a wider rear tire. From the picture, both tires look the same.

42037 – Formula Offroader

This set has some color problems. Obviously, racecars don’t care about color vomit. Sometimes, that is good. Other times it is bad. Here, I don’t like it that much. It has some light blue and lime green panels. The most of the rest seems to be black and dark bluish grey. I think the 3×11 long panels are new in light blue. The set seems to bring back the newer double wishbone suspension pieces (which seem to have gotten quite rare) and uses the newer wheel hubs introduced with 42000. Else, it has nothing else that is obviously new.

42038 – Tracked Arctic Vehicle

This seems to be the clear winner of the wave. It has a lot of orange parts and panels (even a 3×11 panel in orange), which is quite nice. Also it looks really good in my opinion and goes well with the arctic sets from the City line. It has four tracks which seem to be connected through the balljoints from the Unimog, which is a nice application and provides a nice suspension. Also, just the lot of track pieces is really nice. The model itself also features a crane, which gets its movement through 2 Mini-LAs. Unfortunately, the tracks don’t seem to power anything. There are no diffs and the likes. But, this set goes on my wanted list anyway. I am curious already, if someone will try to motorize it.

42039 – Long Distance Racecar

This is the biggest set from the first wave. From the picture it looks quite nice and has a nice color scheme with green, grey and white. I cannot really decide if this is dark bluish grey or light bluish grey. Could als be some kind of medium grey. We’ll definately need better pictures to know that. This set has some new fender panels, which seem to be different in the front and back. Also you’ll get some other pieces in new colors, like the slopes used in trans-clear for the headlights. We’ll get steering and there is a gear on the side which does trigger some unknow function. I assume it is for lifting the hood to inspect the motor. What you can clearly see is, that the car is pretty low on the ground. This could be a indication, that it doesn’t have suspension, but we’ll see that later. It could also be that the suspension is built horizontally like in 42000. I am not yet sold for this one. It is at least a good parts pack and provides a plethora of panels.

So, these were my thoughts on the new Technic Sets. What do you guys think? Please leave a comment below if you want to share your opinion.


42030 – finally … RC incoming!

For my birthday I had a single wish. Amazon giftcards. The reason? To buy 42030 – Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, plain and simple. The plan worked and I ordered it on my birthday directly from Amazon, which had the best available price as well. The only drawback was, that it was not yet deliverable. My thought was, that if I can get it for a “good” price, then waiting a little while was ok.

A few days later I checked Amazon again and you couldn’t even order 42030 anymore. It was still available through other sellers, but way more expensive. Partially the price was even above the MSRP which is just ridiculous. I was waiting day after day to get some good news.

So today I got an email from Amazon. I thought it was about the order status of the book I ordered yesterday. But in fact it was the confirmation, that I will get my copy of 42030 in 2 days.


Well, that is good. But I won’t have time for it on the weekend, because I will be in Prague 😦 🙂

But I will be back on Sunday and I have a day off on Monday! 😀

Lego bus stop

Now here is a example of how Lego bricks can be used in public. In London there is a new bus stop on Regent Street made of 100000 bricks. Now that would be my personal favorite bus stop if I lived there.

Blast from the past

Now, who doesn’t remember the infamous spoof of Star Wars from the 80s? Yes, I am talking about *drums* SPACEBALLS!

This is one of my all-time favorite movies and even my absolute favorite Mel Brooks Movie. To be honest, when I was a kid, I probably saw this movie even before even seeing Star Wars. And ever since, I love it. Though, I didn’t get many of the jokes and references to the original back then, I had a lot of fun. And discovering everything later, I had a really good time. Watching a totally different movie later and realizing that things were put into Spaceballs as a pun was really revealing and fun. Oh, I saw that on Spaceballs and that, too, like the “Alien” and “Planet of the Apes” references and many more.

Flickr user ChrisR18t now has built the iconic “Eagle 5” space-camper in mini-land scale. And what can I say … it’s brilliant. He rendered this camper with wings in Lego brilliantly. It is easily recognizible and has all the details that you can imagine. He even included the transformable Hyperjets. And if that wouldn’t be enough, he created the main characters in mini-land scale as well. They are all there: Captain Lone Starr, Princess Vespa, Dot Matrix, Barf and even Dark Helmet, so you have a complete playset.



Now I hope, someone builds a Megamaid. Hopefully not to scale, because that would be ridiculous.

That’s it for now. More pictures are available on flickr. Now engage ludicrous speed and may the Schwartz be with you.

Sometimes bigger IS better!

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was simply a nice render of an Imperial Star Destroyer. But going through the other pictures quickly revealed a brilliant MOC. This creation is approximately 2 metres long, weighs about 50kg and was made by flickr user Jerac.

Remarkably, he built this with a SNOT technique instead of creating a shell out of plates like in the official Lego model 10030 or its derivates. That not only creates a studfree surface, but also gives it a very clean and smooth look that makes you look twice before you identfy it as Lego. The interior is built with a construction of Technic bricks that creates a very clever skeleton to hold everything together. And as if all this isn’t enough, some lighting has been applied to several areas.

On his flickr stream you can find a lot of interesting WiP pictures and some details about the design process of this monster. Be sure to check it out. This UCS ISD is worth more than just a look or two. Behold the awesomeness and also check out Jerac’s other great MOCs.


Review – 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

This is the first set review I make. And it will be for a set that accompanies “The Lego Movie“. The sets were available now for quite a while, but they didn’t create much interest for me. That was until I saw “The Lego Movie”. I knew immediately, that I need to get some sets. So I got the “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” along with “Bad Cop’s Pursuit“. Mainly I wanted this set because of the colorful theme and because of “Princess Unikitty” which is one of the best and most adorable characters in the movie.


The “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” is one of the smaller sets. It has 197 pieces and comes with 3 mini-figures (Emmet with Brick of Resistance, Wyldestyle and a Fed-Bot) and 2 brickbuilt figures (Princess Unikitty and a snail). The set costs 19,99€ and I got it from Amazon at 16,75€. With roughly 200 pieces and the price I paid, this is a good value.


The build is rather straight-forward. First you build all the figures. Next comes a free-standing cloud with a flower launcher and finally you build the palace. Apart from the launcher, this set has one other play feature. That is some gear-driven rotating dishes on the palace. All in all I really like the style of this set, as it perfectly fits into the theme from the movie. Of course you have to expect some color vomit, but in my opinion, this fits perfectly fine here. A nice detail is the brick-built sun that “floats” near the clouds. Also, the round plates on the floor add a lot of detail to this palace in the clouds.


The minifigures in this set are rather ok. Where Wyldstyle and Emmet are typically unusual for current city themes, the robot is more or less ordinary except the pearl grey head. Wyldstyle even sports a printed hood as neck accessory. Emmet is mainly default with the “Piece of Resistance” except for a red stud on his leg which is supposed to be a tracking device. In my opinion, the star of this set is Princess Unikitty. Though brick-built she is one of the main characters and looks just adorable. And even though play interaction with her is limited, she is just so charming that you got to love her.


The parts assortment in this set is really astonishing. Apart from the already mentioned color vomit, this set brings a lot of color to your collection. Many pieces in bright colors of different shades are accompanied with various pieces in transparent colors and quite a few printed pieces as well. Not a single sticker was needed for this set and that is a big bonus when you look at the pricetag. Also, there are a lot of extra pieces in the box, which is definately a plus as well.


The “Cloud Cuckoo Palace” is a really cool set if you liked the movie. It works great as a gift and just spreads some good mood. It could have been a little bigger of course, but it works well as it is. The overall childish and sweetshop look make it just adorable and with Princess Unikitty it is just so sweet it gives you diabeetus. After all, Unikitty forbade negative thought in her realm, so all that is left is praise.

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Hi-Res pictures are available on Bricklink

Ready for deployment

I always was a big fan of Mecha. Not only as a Lego building style but in general, be it in Manga/Anime or even as in recent movies like Pacific Rim (which I haven’t seen yet, but has awesome Mecha designs).

Already before I stumbled upon legorobo:waka on Flickr. I even built his AF4 Mech, which is simply stunning.

Here is one of his latest builds. It is a Mech Transporter. I am not sure if this should be something that is able to fly or just hover above the ground, but it is detailed as always. It can transport a squad of five Mechs for deployment on the battlefield.

I really like the design with openable doors and of course the little Mechs that emerge from their transport shell.

For more pictures, please take a look at the Flickr Gallery.

Porsche 997 GT3 from Crowkillers

Paul Boratko alias Crowkillers is already pretty famous in the LEGO community for his ingenious LEGO Technic® cars in the scale of ~1:10. His latest creation is the Porsche 997 GT3. Having his instructions on hand, I decided to fill up my parts collection a bit more and build this great car.

IMAG1108 Read the rest of this entry

How I chose to make a LEGO® Blog

So here is another part of my story.

I came properly back to LEGO® approximately 3 and a half years ago. I had a blog back then already, but this was just for playing around with some web stuff and I posted a lot of different stuff there, like things about video games, mobile phones, general tech stuff, RC cars and of course LEGO. But soon I lost interest. I needed to invest a lot of time, which I back then scarcely had and so I stopped blogging new stuff after a while. Read the rest of this entry

How it all began – and ended.

It all started when I was still a little kid. I was already playing with the LEGO® my brother and sister more or less left for me. At that time (and this dates back more than a quarter century) there were still mostly basic bricks available. But specialized items came more and more. So it was then, when I received my first very own LEGO® set for christmas. It was the set 6023. Well, as I said, this was my first very own set with many more to follow. Read the rest of this entry

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