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Big Bang Lego

The Lego Ideas team has just published the results of their last review phase. This time, we will get two new sets.

The first set is the “Lego Bird Project“. This approved project currently consists of three different brick-built birds which are approximately in life-size. A very cool project and well deserved to be made into a real set.

The second approved project is “The Big Bang Theory“. The project currently consists of a set of minifigures for the seven main characters, complete with nerdy accesories and the living room where they all gather. It will be quite interesting to see what the released set looks like.

Since the “nerds” from BBT do officially like Lego, it would be very funny if the set makes it into the series. Bazinga!

If you don’t believe me, please watch the video announcement:

Exo Suit and I

Ok, I failed. Nearly. On August 1st TLG released a huge amount of new sets. Among them are the Technic Sets for 2H14 like 42028, 42029 and the long awaited (by me) 42030. Also, they released 2 (!) new sets from Lego Ideas. This is a real first, because in the past they only released one set at a time. So, last friday the new sets were released. It was already past noon, when I browsed the Eurobricks Forum and stumbled upon the thread for the Exo Suit. For a few seconds, I was shocked. After that, I immediately went to the Lego Shop and looked up the set. Damn, I was too late. No more sets were available and the shipping date was already set to September 4th. But, I could put it in my shopping basket and even purchase it. I added the “Research Institute” and the 42020 to fill up above 55€ for free shipping. My initial thought was, that I could possibly be in luck and get it anyway.

The days flew by and I didn’t get a confirmation from TLG nor were there any changes to my purchase details in the shop. Today, there was a post at The Brothers Brick about problems with the Lego Shop and deliveries without notification. So I checked my order once again and it said it was shipped. Except for the Exo Suit of course. I still have to wait for it. So be it. But I got the other stuff and the delivery was very fast.

Current Order

So for now, I received 42020, 21110 and 40109 (freebie for every order). For now, I put it into my to-do box, which is rather filled up already. I need to do something about this. Soon I’ll have more time for Lego again 😉

To-do box

Also, here is a closeup shot of the cool 21110 Research Institute Set. I really like it. There is a good article about it on the blog of Ellen Kooijman (aka Alatariel / set designer). Make sure to read it!

21110 Female Minifigure Set

Newest sets

I have received some new (and old) sets yesterday and today. In general it was a total of two orders, but I received as much as 3 packages, since one set wasn’t available at shop@home.

So yesterday I received this:

IMAG1304 Read the rest of this entry

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