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42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader Behind the design video

The Lego Design Team has published a new video about the design process of the 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader. This is a interesting video that shows some of the process, but still keeps some more detailed facts as a mystery. If you have not already seen it, please see it here:

Also the video has some hidden details, like the poster of the preliminary 42039 24 Hours Race Car and some other of the upcoming models standing around.

42030 Wheel Loader – It’s finally here

Oh well, I just had to wait like two and a half week until my copy of Wheel Loader arrived. Now I have to wait until Monday to build it! 😦

42030 and me

Well, the weekend in Prague (Praha) will keep me distracted enough 😉

42030 – finally … RC incoming!

For my birthday I had a single wish. Amazon giftcards. The reason? To buy 42030 – Volvo L350F Wheel Loader, plain and simple. The plan worked and I ordered it on my birthday directly from Amazon, which had the best available price as well. The only drawback was, that it was not yet deliverable. My thought was, that if I can get it for a “good” price, then waiting a little while was ok.

A few days later I checked Amazon again and you couldn’t even order 42030 anymore. It was still available through other sellers, but way more expensive. Partially the price was even above the MSRP which is just ridiculous. I was waiting day after day to get some good news.

So today I got an email from Amazon. I thought it was about the order status of the book I ordered yesterday. But in fact it was the confirmation, that I will get my copy of 42030 in 2 days.


Well, that is good. But I won’t have time for it on the weekend, because I will be in Prague 😦 🙂

But I will be back on Sunday and I have a day off on Monday! 😀

Fresh from the Nuremberg Toyfair

There seems to be some information around about the autumn Technic sets for a little while. Now, from the Nuremberg Toyfair some video footage occured on YouTube.

42029 – Customized Pickup Truck

It has several functions, like suspension on all wheels and a tipping function for the flatbed (afaik). Also it has a lot of red pieces and panels, which seems to make it at least a good parts pack. It even has the new version of the curved  and flat 3×11 panels in red, which is a new color for these pieces. Perhaps we’ll see a 42009 in red, soon.

42030 – Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

This is the new flahship model. And as the Unimog before, it is licensed.

It is a remote controlled wheel loader. It features several motors, two remotes and receivers and several linear actuators. It also has a brand new bucket, yellow big rims and “green” engine pieces.

Also, there is some video footage of the wheel loader in motion:

I definately need to get the new wheel loader. Lots of PF parts and I can finally go for remote controlled models. I am not yet sure about the pickup, but probably I’ll get this one as well. Also, I am curious if there will show up some other new sets for the upcoming fall.

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