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Exo Suit and I

Ok, I failed. Nearly. On August 1st TLG released a huge amount of new sets. Among them are the Technic Sets for 2H14 like 42028, 42029 and the long awaited (by me) 42030. Also, they released 2 (!) new sets from Lego Ideas. This is a real first, because in the past they only released one set at a time. So, last friday the new sets were released. It was already past noon, when I browsed the Eurobricks Forum and stumbled upon the thread for the Exo Suit. For a few seconds, I was shocked. After that, I immediately went to the Lego Shop and looked up the set. Damn, I was too late. No more sets were available and the shipping date was already set to September 4th. But, I could put it in my shopping basket and even purchase it. I added the “Research Institute” and the 42020 to fill up above 55€ for free shipping. My initial thought was, that I could possibly be in luck and get it anyway.

The days flew by and I didn’t get a confirmation from TLG nor were there any changes to my purchase details in the shop. Today, there was a post at The Brothers Brick about problems with the Lego Shop and deliveries without notification. So I checked my order once again and it said it was shipped. Except for the Exo Suit of course. I still have to wait for it. So be it. But I got the other stuff and the delivery was very fast.

Current Order

So for now, I received 42020, 21110 and 40109 (freebie for every order). For now, I put it into my to-do box, which is rather filled up already. I need to do something about this. Soon I’ll have more time for Lego again 😉

To-do box

Also, here is a closeup shot of the cool 21110 Research Institute Set. I really like it. There is a good article about it on the blog of Ellen Kooijman (aka Alatariel / set designer). Make sure to read it!

21110 Female Minifigure Set

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