Help needed for graduation project

Today I received a request on Eurobricks about participation in a survey for a graduation project. These are quite common these days and I think most of us can invest the 5 minutes needed to participate in the survey. Helping out here is kind of important, since the graduation of EB user Zanferia is depending on the projects success.

I joined this community not only because I am a LEGO fan but also for my studies. I worked at LEGO as an intern in 2012 so when I started my graduating project on online brand communities I could not see a better community to work with than a LEGO one! ( I am a French student at ESC Rennes School of Business )

For my graduating project, I need to send questionnaires to members of Eurobricks. Of course the questionnaires are anonymous, and answers will be used only for my report. At the end, it asks for an email address but you DO NOT have to give it, you can just check the “NO” box and submit the questionnaire.

I know you do not know me so feel free to ask me any question !!!Here is the link to my questionnaire:
If you have also friends in this community I would be really grateful if you could ask them to fill in the questionnaire as well.

This project means the world to me as I need it to graduate
Thank you for taking the time to read me


The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and you don’t have to provide much personal data. Consider it your good deed of the day 😉

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