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MOC – camera mount

I just got new sets. Among them the 42028 – Bulldozer. I also want to expand on my YouTube coverage. So I imagined a plan on how to do that. I don’t want to do plain video reviews right now, though they are nice. I am also lacking proper equipment to do that in a decent quality. First on the list was the problem with filming. I only have various Smartphones and a DSLR. But my DSLR is not able to record movies. Bummer. I then remembered my “old” Smartphone also having a relatively decent camera.

In addition to that, I remembered Sariel’s not so old “behind the scenes” video where he showed off his eqipment, including various brick-built mounts. So I decided to do the following:

  • make a timelapse video of the build
  • record that with my old smartphone
  • build a mount for the smartphone

Please note: I will refer to this mostly as camera mount, because of the function it has. While in reality it is more a smartphone mount.

So I first began to think about the perspective and after that how I could mount the Smartphone. I settled for a top-down perspective. Since I thought it would be too much work to make something for a straight top-down, I also decided to make it having a slight tilt. This is what I came up with first:

Camera Mount

As you can see, it has a 45° tilt and you can rotate the turntable to make tilted shots. This really was the initial build. I directly used the long frame, so it would stand stable and won’t tip over easily. Also my HTC One S fits perfectly in the 1-stud gap of the holder and sits tight enough. I can even squeeze in my HTC One, but that will bend the construction a little. With this I shot the first videos.

I pondered about the design a while when I was making a version in LDD. I thought it would be useful to have the mount stand vertical, so I can make normal shots with it. So I added a few more bent liftarms.

Camera Mount 1.1

With this, I can put this whole thing in a vertical position to make straight shots. The only problem was, that it could now tip to the sides easily. So I inserted a axle in the bent part and put some bushes at the end. Now it stands strong in both positions.

Camera Mount 1.2

For a first Smartphone mount, I am very satisfied. It wen’t through various minor changes and right now it already is quite versatile. Right now it is stable, I can use it for various perspectives and the construction is not visible when making pictures or videos. I already have some ideas for a next version. That one will probably have mechanical tilt and the mount might be adjustable to the thickness of the smartphone.

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What do you think of it? Do you like it? Comments are very welcome, either here or on the Facebook page.


More hi-res pictures are available in my Brickshelf folder once moderated.

Here you can download the .lxf for the current version of the mount.


SmartBrick campaign succeeded

Not too long ago, I wrote about the Kickstartet project for the SmartBrick (SBrick). It basically is a new receiver to connect Power Functions parts and control them via Bluetooth from the Smartphone instead of the IR remotes. Meanwhile, the project is funded and we just have to wait until it is released. Hooray.

Other good news is, that several “famous” members of the community received a SBrick for testing purposes, like Crowkillers, Sariel or Nico71. Here are some of the videos that show the SBrick in action.

Here are two more videos directly from the SBrick team, demonstrating the new control brick in action:

The kickstarter campaign has still a few days left. So if you want to add some additional funds for the development and reaching the stretch goals, you can do so here: SBrick Kickstarter!



Exo Suit and I

Ok, I failed. Nearly. On August 1st TLG released a huge amount of new sets. Among them are the Technic Sets for 2H14 like 42028, 42029 and the long awaited (by me) 42030. Also, they released 2 (!) new sets from Lego Ideas. This is a real first, because in the past they only released one set at a time. So, last friday the new sets were released. It was already past noon, when I browsed the Eurobricks Forum and stumbled upon the thread for the Exo Suit. For a few seconds, I was shocked. After that, I immediately went to the Lego Shop and looked up the set. Damn, I was too late. No more sets were available and the shipping date was already set to September 4th. But, I could put it in my shopping basket and even purchase it. I added the “Research Institute” and the 42020 to fill up above 55€ for free shipping. My initial thought was, that I could possibly be in luck and get it anyway.

The days flew by and I didn’t get a confirmation from TLG nor were there any changes to my purchase details in the shop. Today, there was a post at The Brothers Brick about problems with the Lego Shop and deliveries without notification. So I checked my order once again and it said it was shipped. Except for the Exo Suit of course. I still have to wait for it. So be it. But I got the other stuff and the delivery was very fast.

Current Order

So for now, I received 42020, 21110 and 40109 (freebie for every order). For now, I put it into my to-do box, which is rather filled up already. I need to do something about this. Soon I’ll have more time for Lego again 😉

To-do box

Also, here is a closeup shot of the cool 21110 Research Institute Set. I really like it. There is a good article about it on the blog of Ellen Kooijman (aka Alatariel / set designer). Make sure to read it!

21110 Female Minifigure Set

Mini Tumbler

Over on Eurobricks, a contest was held in the Technic Subforum. The goal was to make a mini model with no more than 200 parts which could as well be released from TLC. The entries were closed yesterday, so I took a look at the available models. Some even came with instructions or a LDD file to show how it is built.

ZBLJ chose to build a Mini Tumbler and also provided a LDD file. So I chose to build my own. Unfortunately, because I still have Sheepo’s Mustang built on the shelf, some parts of my collection are currently not available in black. Instead I chose to use a very dark grey (pun intended). So I began sorting out the pieces and started directly to build it.


So after a little building, I ended up with my very own Tumbler. This model features:

  • independent front suspension
  • rear live axle with suspension
  • HOG steering
  • adjustable wings

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Fun Fair – Fabuland style

When I was a kid, I had like one single Fabuland set left over from my siblings. Basically, one boat and one figure. No instructions and at the time back then no chance to find out which set this was.

Paul Hetherington aka Brickbaron has now published a new diorama and the moving elements he created are simply stunning. Not only that, but this diorama sports so many fun details, that you get easily lost.

We have a ferris wheel, a train, a animated theatre, whack-a-fig and a shooting booth. I really like it and I hope you like it, too. But please watch the video to fully realize the awesomeness of this diorama.

This is just one of those creations, that you can watch over and over, appreciate the details and ponder about how he has done that.

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