TechnicBRICKs: Are these the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets?

Over at TechnicBRICKs a list of new set numbers and names has occured. These sets seem rather interesting at first. Please note, that this is no official list and should be regarded as a rumor.

Here is the list:

  • 42031 – Platform
  • 42032 – Compact Track Loader
  • 42033 – Action Rocket Car
  • 42034 – Action Quad
  • 42035 – Dump Truck
  • 42036 – Street Motorcycle
  • 42037 – Formula Off-Roader
  • 42038 – Arctic Tracked Vehicle
  • 42039 – Long Distance Race Car

But we shouldn’t get our hopes too high. The set names sound interesting so far, but as far as I remember the new sets with lower numbers are the smaller sets and the higher numbers are bigger sets. That means, that the Track Loader, Platform and Dump Truck are probably rather small sets, the action cars probably pullback racers. The arctic tracked vehicle being a medium set like 42028 and the long distance race car probably being in the scale of 42000 or 8070. But these are just my thoughts, that stem from my subjective experience with last years releases.

But, the motorcycle seems interesting enough to get, as I had previously skipped motorcycles and really regret it.

So, it’s cool to already have some set numbers and names, but pictures might be way more interesting.

Please visit the original post on TechnicBRICKs for additional information:

TechnicBRICKs: Are these the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets?


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