Locomotive breath

One of the first things I did today, was roaming around Eurobricks to see what has happened over the night. To my surprise, Bricksonwheels posted his newest creation in the Technic/Model Team forum.


It is a 1:16 scale model of a EMD SD40-2 that to this day is still running for BNSF in North America. The first thing I thought was, that he used the wrong forum because there is a subforum dedicated for the train fans. That was until I took a proper look and reading about this MOC. This beast is 1.31 meters long, 24 studs wide, and counts approx. 20.000 bricks. All this qualifies it more than enought to consider it as “Model Team”.

Bricksonwheels also said it is highly detailed on the outside and the inside. Well we can see the outside and this is really a stunning model. From the inside, we are still lacking proof of his claim, but I do NOT doubt his words. Until now, all his creations where visually stunning. So why should this be an exception. The only thing that I missed in this photograph was some custom made tracks. But Dennis promised on EB that he will make some for the display.

He also revealed, that he works together with Dennis Bosman on a book called ‘The Art of Lego Scale Modeling’, which will be released through No Starch Press in 2015. Another book that increases the excellent Lego-themed book portfolio by NSP.

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