Mini Tumbler

Over on Eurobricks, a contest was held in the Technic Subforum. The goal was to make a mini model with no more than 200 parts which could as well be released from TLC. The entries were closed yesterday, so I took a look at the available models. Some even came with instructions or a LDD file to show how it is built.

ZBLJ chose to build a Mini Tumbler and also provided a LDD file. So I chose to build my own. Unfortunately, because I still have Sheepo’s Mustang built on the shelf, some parts of my collection are currently not available in black. Instead I chose to use a very dark grey (pun intended). So I began sorting out the pieces and started directly to build it.


So after a little building, I ended up with my very own Tumbler. This model features:

  • independent front suspension
  • rear live axle with suspension
  • HOG steering
  • adjustable wings

This doesn’t sound like much, but thinking about the unique suspension, steering and the parts limit, this already is a lot. So here it is:



The model has some pro’s and con’s, but I really like it overall. So here are my thoughts:

– While the steering is very clever, the steering angle sucks big time. But that is due to parts, not mechanism. I don’t see right now, how this could be improved.

– The shocks in the rear are touching the steering axle. Not a big problem, but the shocks need to bend a little.

– When connecting the upper chassis to the lower chassis, you need to apply some bending. I am not sure if I like that. Most likely I will not keep it on display for long because of that.

– I really like the steering and the clever front suspension. Though, keeping this too long on display might ruin the rubber bands.

– Rear wheels tend to scrub the brick-built panel.

But there are a lot of pro’s as well:

+ Good looks

+ Clever front suspension

+ Clever steering

+ I had a good time when building it

+ Very clever use of parts (front wheel hubs)

So, to sum this up, this is a brilliant little model. It has good looks, some functionality and doesn’t use many uncommon parts. It has the necessary features and even can be motorized. If you have the parts available, don’t hesitate, just build it. Oh, and here are some gifs of the working suspension:


More pictures, parts overview and “module” shots are available in my Brickshelf folder

ZBLJ’s YouTube Channel

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