Fun Fair – Fabuland style

When I was a kid, I had like one single Fabuland set left over from my siblings. Basically, one boat and one figure. No instructions and at the time back then no chance to find out which set this was.

Paul Hetherington aka Brickbaron has now published a new diorama and the moving elements he created are simply stunning. Not only that, but this diorama sports so many fun details, that you get easily lost.

We have a ferris wheel, a train, a animated theatre, whack-a-fig and a shooting booth. I really like it and I hope you like it, too. But please watch the video to fully realize the awesomeness of this diorama.

This is just one of those creations, that you can watch over and over, appreciate the details and ponder about how he has done that.

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