How I chose to make a LEGO® Blog

So here is another part of my story.

I came properly back to LEGO® approximately 3 and a half years ago. I had a blog back then already, but this was just for playing around with some web stuff and I posted a lot of different stuff there, like things about video games, mobile phones, general tech stuff, RC cars and of course LEGO. But soon I lost interest. I needed to invest a lot of time, which I back then scarcely had and so I stopped blogging new stuff after a while.

For the last few months in which I really built a lot of LEGO Technic creations, I thought that there must be a good way to show the things I have built. Also I have so many thoughts about LEGO bricks in my mind, which I wanted to share somehow. But using the general platforms is simply not suitable for such a task. That is why I chose to create a new Blog. After the decision, I needed to choose a platform, which would obviously be WordPress again, but this time I thought I’ll take the retrictions of hosting directly with WordPress instead of hosting the site on my friends server, because it was a lot of effort to maintain the site.

Now after posting my first big part of the story, I thought, that I should be careful to not run into any legal issues. So I contacted the owner of Brickset (where I lent the pictures) and of course TLG (of whom I still await a response). So I guess I will need to do some more minor changes. I have already made quite a big change with the title of the Blog. And perhaps it will change again if I find a more suitable name (there already is another LEGO Blog with a similar name).

So, now after some more “blabla” from me, you are probably eagerly waiting for some LEGO models to see. Wait just a little longer.


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